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00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

The Childcare Millionaire’s Accelerator is an EXCLUSIVE membership that is designed to grow your daycare empire

Membership has its PRIVILEGES! The Childcare Millionaire’s Accelerator Membership will include a Ton of Value for a FRACTION of the cost:

  • Monthly Masterclass ($599)
  • Monthly Q&A Session ($199)
  • Monthly Expert training or panel ($199)
  • Monthly (Member Lead) Work Session ($99)
  • Monthly Editable Template ($50)
  • ​Grant, Funding and Opportunity Announcements ($299)
  • ​10 Business Training Hours for the Summit ($1000)
  • ​Forms and Template Library ($999)
  • ​Course Library ($999)
  • ​Preferred Vendors (Priceless !)


wait there's more!

Choose the YEARLY PAY option and receive the following EXCLUSIVE BONUSES worth over $4800

  • Membership Gifts!
  • ​Saving More than 50% ($598 Savings)
  • Exclusive Welcome Call! - Priceless
  • ​Access to Accelerator 6 Weeks Course - $2000



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$1499 PER YEAR + 2 1-on-1 calls with Brandy

What Our Members Are Saying About 
Childcare Millionaires

" Joining Brandy Woods in the 10 day sprint challenge This week I accomplished alot, cleaned out my office & organized, completed 20 new enrollment folders, organized a new hire system folder, completed my SOP binders all within this week in one location. Will continue this in all locations. "

-Kishani Woldberhan

" Last night's class was phenomenal on grants so much information was provided so you can create a successful program and apply for free money that is out there. If you have not joined the membership don’t wait any longer. Brandy has all the tools you need. Thank you Brandy Woods and Linda for the amazing course last night. "

-Samantha Zayas

" Good morning ! Today for the very 1st time I have picked a key holder teacher that is opening up the Center! I have opened every morning for 2 1/2 years (beside my mom or daughters every once in awhile). But today I have a teacher opening up the center thanks to @Brandy Woods classes and for educating me that you work on your business not in it ! I feel so empowered ! New Mindset... Thank you !!! "

-Francheska Velazquez 

" Get in the accelerator membership!!! Brandy Woods just gave us $3600+ of value in the first MASTERCLASS by showing how to create our own curriculums. The 1st session literally has saved me more than 6x what the Accelerator Membership cost and we are just getting started. "

-Tori Skyy

" Awesome Summit! Each Speaker brought something for everyone, just depended on what participants needed at this point in their respective business. Excellent mix of topics relating to what we do! Great job! "

-Teresa Williams

" The online summit was a wealth of knowledge! Speakers were Relatable and did not hold back on dropping gems! I appreciate you Brandy for having the passion to pour into us the childcare providers! Everything was FANTASTIC!! Brandy Woods your the BEST! Speakers was very informative & on point. #childcarepower #excellence. "

-Towana Preston

Meet Brandy woods...
Brandy Woods-Smith is a charismatic and passionate educator, entrepreneur, speaker and consultant. She is known as a thought leader, change agent, community developer and to many she is hailed the Millionaire Midwife.

Ms. Woods-Smith attended Jarvis Christian College in East Texas. She finished her Master in Education Administration in 2005. After serving the public school system for 13 years, Woods opened Imagine Me Academy in 2013 and now has multiple locations.

In her quest to help other aspiring entrepreneur achieve success, she founded Powerhouses United and Childcare Moguls and Millionaires, business incubators designed to give education, resources and teaching financial literacy to entrepreneurs.

Believe BIG! Expect BIG! Do BIG! is the mantra she lives by. Woods says, “Although BIG is not the most eloquent word, it gets the vision across clearly! With belief in my heart, the work of my hands, and the words in my mouth. I will accomplish what I am commissioned to do: Motivate! Educate! Produce!

This is your defining moment.
The decision is now.

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